The One-File Free Photo Web Gallery for pure images.

All in one file: proportional and square thumbnails, Lightbox slideshows, animated effects and an easy customizable design. For stand-alone galleries and PHP includes.


  1. Unpack the ZIP archive and upload the index.php in a directory with images to your server.
  2. Optional: For best performance set file permissions for the directory to 0777  (for more information see the manuel of your FTP client).
  3. Open your web browser and point it to your directory. For example:

Configuration and help:

You can customize Pagemap Imagewall in many ways. Choose a topic for more information.


With Config Tags you can customize Pagemap Imagewall to your needs: change colours and sizes, include the gallery in your own PHP scripts, create a footer with links to contact and your home page … and much more.

Just create a text file (.txt) named config.txt and write the Config Tags in there. If write permissions for your Pagemap Imagewall directory is to 0777 the script will create a default config.txt by itself. A list with all available Config Tags is located in the select field above.


If you are not able to delete files that was created by Pagemap Imagewall just rename the file index.php in uninstall.php and run the script. Pagemap Imagewall will try to delete the directory cache and the file config.txt.

Change author, title and description

You can define an author of the gallery that will shown in the footer of as Photos by Your Name; a gallery title that will shown in the browser title bar; and a gallery description as preview text for search engines.

Include a logo or header image

With this Config Tag you can include an image file (e.g. as logo or header) and set a link to your home page.

Background colour or background image

With the following Config Tag you can set a CSS shorthand for the property background. You can use colour names (e.g. black) or a combination of colour name / RGB value and background image. For example: #fff url(pattern.gif). With the second tag you can change the text colour of the footer to your needs.

Sort images

This Config Tag will sort all images by file name in one of these modes: normal, reverse and shuffle.

File list (flat file) for images

If your server or hosting provider prevent directory indexing you can create a file list with your images for Pagemap Imagewall. With the first tag define a set of images (comma separated) or the path to a text file with a list of file names. If you just want to exclude a view images use the second tag.

Thumnails anpassen

Thumnail size, background and quality

Customize full size image view

In standard mode Pagemap Imagewall is able to resize the full size image view to the browser size so the image will always be shown complete. With the following tag you additional set a fixed image width.

Custom CSS code

With this tag you can customize the gallery with own CSS code. The code will be included directly in the HTML header.

Path to image directory

In standard mode Pagemap Imagewall uses all images in the same directory for the gallery. With the following tag you can set instead a separate directory for your images.

PHP include (gallery embedding)

You can use Pagemap Imagewall as stand-alone gallery or as embedded script in your own PHP scripts. If you want to include the gallery via the PHP function include() use the following tag to activate this mode.

You can find more information about embedding in the readme.txt.

Path to jQuery

Since version 1.2 Pagemap Imagewall uses the JavaScript framework jQuery via Google API. With the following tag you can set a custom source for jQuery (e.g. self hosted on your server).


Terms of use:

You are allows to:

  • Use for private and commercial
  • Copy and distribute the script
  • Customize the function and design

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Delete the link to in the footer
  • Claim the script as your own
  • Sale parts of the script

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